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Transportation Services Division




Transportation is so broad a concept that it requires narrowing it to specific sectors. Generally, transportation refers to any device or mode used to move an item, object, person, or animal from one location to another via a particular mode. Regular or common modes of transportation include; air. rail, roadway, water, cable, pipeline, and space. The transportation sector covers infrastructure (fixed location like airport, seaport, warehouse, inland port, etc.) field, vehicular (air, land, and water) field, and operations field. An analogy that best describes the role and importance of transportation in our lives is the followings; If the human body is considered as the universe, then transportation is like the veins and arteries that move and distribute life-saving blood substance to the essential components of the body literally keeping each compartment alive and functional. Without blood flow throughout the body, the body dies. Transportation not only enables movement of people and cargo, but also, and perhaps more importantly, it enables trade between people and nations which is necessary for development of civilizations in our one world. 

KES Transportation Division functions in all areas of transportation as outlined above; infrastructure, vehicular, and operations fields. Today, our world has transparent borders and one of the major entities that makes that transparency possible, besides governmental policies, is transportation. Contact KES Transportation to discuss your particular interest or transportation related questions.  


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