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Solar & Renewable Energy Division




There is a seismic shift away from fossil fuel based energy because of its ozone layer depletion potential to renewable green energy sources. Solar, wind, and Waste-to-Energy (W2E) are three of the popular renewable energy sources. KES is an Exclusive Minority Distributor of NanoPV Solar Panels. NanoPV Solar Inc. Solar PV System is a vertical integrated Solar Energy Company for high energy efficiency Solar PV Manufacturing Technology, modules, and systems. NanoPV is a world leader of high efficiency solar panel systems that provide the lowest cost of Solar electricity. Contact us about KES NanoPV Solar Panels and how we can assist you acquire panels for your private, Government or commercial use.

 KES is also a Strategic Partner to Aldridge Enterprises which succeeded in developing a transparent solar cell that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to generate electricity and also allows visible light to penetrate. This remarkable discovery is nicknamed Brelight. It is a thin nano-crystallic layer construction of photo-voltaic cell that increases its ability to utilize UV radiation for photo-current generation. This technology is unique because while the traditional solar panels depend on the availability of direct sunlight, Brelight can generate electricity under all conditions such as sunlight, cloudy skies, rain, or indirect sunlight. Contact KES for further information on how to acquire Brelight. 


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