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KES   Competencies 








Our core Environmental Services competencies are:

•Industrial Services

•Environmental Services

•Municipal Services

•Tank Cleaning

•Hazardous Waste Management Services

•Non Hazardous Waste Management Services


KES provides the following services within our core competencies:

•Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance

•Wet and Dry Vacuum Truck Services

•Roll-Off and Vacuum Box

•Pipe Cleaning and Maintenance

•High Pressure Water Blasting – hot /cold (Hydroject Cleaning)

•Refinery Cleaning and Maintenance

•Dry Bulk Removal

•Plant Shut-Down/Maintenance

•Environmental Contracting

•Contaminated Soils Disposal

•Tank Cleaning – all types

•Waste Containment, Identification & Disposal

•Facility Decontamination

•Hydro Demolition – Steel & Concrete

•Sewer Line and Manhole Grouting Restoration

•Installation/Repair of Sewer and Septic

•Mechanical Bucketing Electronic Locating of Sewer Lines

•Video Inspection of Drains and Pipes

•Backhoe Dye or Smoke Testing of Drains

•Wet or Dry Vacuuming

•Combo Vactor Cleaning of Sewer

•Oil Spill Tanker Cleaning 

. Emergency Response 24/7



Affordable Homes 4U (Containerized Modules Homes)  


Types of Equipment

KES has state of the equipment, resource materials, and trained Technicians available to complete any cleanup task. The following equipment are available:

Super Sucker Vacuum Trucks

Skid Loaders

John Deere 4510 4WD Backhoe

Box Truck


Pick-up Trucks

Trailer Mounted Power Wash Unit (Hot or Cold)   


KES has the following certifications:

Haz-Whop, 40 Hour Confined Space, we are set up on  PEC Premier Safety Standards

Vice President/COO  C V  

The day to day operations of the Environmental Services Division is run by the VP/COO, Mr. Steve Grueber, whose CV is attached:

Mr. Grueber, as VP/COO, is responsible for company project management, coordination and project facilitator of company projects and contract negotiations, business development, and technical administration of projects performed by KES. He oversees the professional industrial cleaning services and waste management field services to municipal, industrial, commercial and private sector clients. His mission is to provide quality field services, implementing cost effective solutions utilizing state of the art technology. Services include CCTV inspections via computerized robotic inspection units, pipeline and utility vault cleaning and vacuum debris removal, infiltration/inflow studies, piping system integrity testing, and utility. structure inspections, conduit system studies and evaluations, smoke and dyed water testing, sewer and structure rehabilitative services, flow monitoring and analysis, NPDES and storm water sampling, CSO, CAP, SSES and 1/1 investigations and programs.


Mr. Grueber has been working in municipal, industrial and commercial construction for the past 33 years including site development, utility installation and rehab. Also maintenance of various types of systems including but not limited to water distribution, sanitary systems, water treatment and storm systems including retention systems, initiated and implemented product recovery systems for the steel industry. Mr. Grueber has training as a machinist and fabrication shop experience along with extensive experience working with blueprints.


•Pennsylvania Water Environment Association

•PUCA Pennsylvania Utility Contractors

•Association NASC National Association of Sewer Cleaners


•Certified in Health and Safety Training for working in Confined Space that complies with OSHA 1910.l46( e )(2).

•Certified in Health and Safety Training for work in Hazardous Waste Site - complies with OSHA 1910.120(e) (2)


Cues, Cherne, UEMSI, Rigid, Aries, Ferret, Buchen and Pearpoint CCTV systems. Aquatech, Myers, Vactor, Guzzler, Super Products and Sreco hydrojets and vacuum units. Electronic location devices, acoustical water line leak detection, audio/video recording. Survey, staking, elevational and distance measurements.

Underground and above ground tank testing equipment use and analysis of data. Heavy equipment operator, track excavator, backhoe, track loader.

Hazardous wastes containment equipment, hepa-vacs, 10,000 psi hydro lasers, etc. Scientific instrumentation, fluorometers, conductivity, pH, chlorine, dissolved oxygen, sulfide and atmospheric measurements such as, CO, 02, benzene, toluene, H2S04, HCL, combustible gas and methane utilizing electronic and air aspirated detection devices. Report preparation and submittals to USEPA, PADEP and County agencies. 

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