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KES    Clients


Measurable Energy Solutions, LLC

201 River Run, Queenstown, MD  21658

HYDROGEN Producers

KES Exclusive Minority Marketing & Distributors of Hydrogen products produced by MES

Contact KES to obtain Hydrogen products by MES



Global Solutions Technology, LLC

GST invented, developed, and owns revolutionary, patented electronic technology and equipment (*GST Technology *) that eliminates CO2 and other green-house gas emissions from fossil fuels like coal, gasoline, diesel oil and natural gas.

Contact KES Entity for GST  Technology 



A Software Development Company

Democratic Republic of Congo

Patrick Daudi FARAJA, CEO



Commodities, Inc.


ZKZ Trading Agency, Inc.

Kenneth L. Allen Jr. CEO


J.E. Harris Enterprises, Inc.

John A. Harris, CEO


R.D. Carcelli, LLC

Consultancy Group

Bob Carcelli, Senior Partner


KY  River Resources, LLC

Doug Terry, CEO


Verdant Holdings, LLC

EMC W2E Technology


Alabama Benin Trade & Economic Forum

Dr. Sharon Ingram, CEO


Tanglewood Development, LLC

Jon S. Crouse, CEO


Erie Indian MoundBuilders Tribal Nation;

Eriez Development Corp.

Chief Tecumseh Brown-Eagle, CEO


Estate Advantage, Inc.

Woodbridge, VA

Deniel Span, CEO


Veteran Enterprises, Inc.

Anthony Lee, CEO


Alfa Group, LLC

Green Energy Solutions


Green Olive Royal Company Ltd

Cape Coast, Ghana


HallWayz Services, LLC

Larry Hall, President 


Opong Mining Industry Ltd

Anyinan, Ghana


BenMah Products Company Ltd

Essential Oils, Seed Oils & Herbal Products


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