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Computer & Information Technology Division 




Computer and Information Technology consist of the use of computers to create, process, store, retrieve, and exchange all kinds of data and communication technology. The Four basic elements of Information Technology include: Information Security, Database and Network Management, Computer Technical Support Services, and Business Software Development 

KES Computer & Information Technology Division when fully developed, will encompass the four elements of Information Technology. The lead element of this Division is Business Software Development. The importance of IT in current everyday every industry environment cannot be overemphasized. 

The future of business, government, healthcare, private life, transportation, and communications are depended on technology. In IT, security is a foundational key. In software development and web applications, programming skills is vital. This Division seeks to attract and maintain the best personnel this industry has to offer. 

This KES IT Division is headed by an IT Professional who possesses the experience, education, and skill set necessary to create a second to none entity. This is a bold statement considering the advanced paradigm of this growing industry. KES maintains high confidence in the innovative and creational spirit of this Vice President who has demonstrated innovative software development products that are functional in the IT marketplace. KES encourages all to stay connected and experience what we have discovered.


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