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Assurance Division




In many emerging markets, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, where KES has strong business and social connections in the private sector and government, this Division seeks to achieve two primary objectives; firstly, to institute the prospect of establishing an "Assurance" footprint in a virgin territory where there is minimum or no such product; and secondly, to set the standards and describe circumstances by which, in the event of death of a program member, benefit is paid to the surviving relative or spouse. We recognize that in the sub-Saharan African theater where, generally, life expectancy for males falls between 55 to 65 years, and about 60 to 65 of the working population is engaged in agricultural services (mostly subsistence agricultural activities), the relevance of this product cannot be overemphasized. 

The goal of this program, eventually, is to produce a product that will be the start of a total KES employees benefit package. When fully developed, the package will include opportunities for members to purchase through affordable payroll deduction additional benefits for immediate family members. The vision is to expand the program in its maturity to other sectors that do not have this type of program like the military, police, civil servants, healthcare workers, education workers, transportation workers, market women and men, private sector companies, etc. There are three (3) different ways we can successfully facilitate this program, and KES stands ready to implement given the appropriate conditions and resources.  


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